Just Back v Stoke


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Should have been 3. Nothing wrong with Bradshaw's goal. The cunt lino flagged for offside, but the ball was parried out to Bradshaw by their keeper, do no offside there, and when Bradshaw lashed it home there were none of ours in front of their last defender.

That lino was one of the worst I've seen. He flagged is offside about 4 times in succession in almost exactly the same circumstances... He would always start off behind the play, watch the ball bring played forward, then run to catch up with the play, then stick his flag up. He was constantly judging the calls from behind the line of the last man.

I was massively impressed with Shackleton. I didn't think he put a foot wrong all game and neat and tidy in everything he did. He an arf covered some ground too.

Our entire midfield looked dynamic yesterday in a way I haven't seen in years. Full of energy and bite. It was great to watch!
“The cunt lino flagged for offside” and we told him so! 😂😂


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From where I was sitting Bart dropped it and it went over the line. Watched it back on the highlights and still think it went over. Knobbo refs watch couldn't have been working properly. Payback for all those dodgy decision against us.
Though it was a really sold performance all round. Never really looked like conceding. Afobe was a constant thorn to them all game.
For me, that Midfield three is the key. All three just never stop running and hassling. Shack sitting in gives Billy a bit more freedom and then Honeyman being the link to the front two.
The other thing is now the depth. When you think the bench had Danny Mac, Flemming, Bennett, Saville, Long on it and then you have Hutch to come back.
Great start to the season!
Where I sit block 35 looked over the line .but luckily the lino couldn't keep up with play and couldn't see it .he got alot wrong anyway

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After the string of wrong decisions yesterday, by ref and lino alike, a mate asked me 'would you have VAR here?'. 'No', was my immediate reaction, as I think it detracts from the ebb and flow of the game... But then my mate said 'you know if we had it we might get a lot more decisions going our way'... He has a point to be fair.


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Just watched the extended highlights on MTV. Apologies for forgetting to mention the fumbled save from Bart in the first half. Many of you know that I do not make notes whilst I am watching the game and I just forgot that bit of action. From where I was sitting in block 29 I did think it was over the line. On reflection having seen the highlights it was mighty close but the whole of the ball was not over the line so no goal.
On the ‘goal’ from Bradshaw it is still a mystery why it was not given. One of their defenders does go down in the box when the corner is swung over but it didn’t look to me that there was any infringement. It was definitely not offside as one of their defenders is virtually standing on the goal line. I just don’t know what the lino and the ref saw as it seemed to me a perfectly legitimate goal. Bradshaw looks completely bemused as to why it was chalked off and I agree with him.
They were a poor side and if I was a Stoke fan who had travelled down to see the game then I would be quite miffed at the performance they offered. They had possession and some control in midfield but they looked bereft of ideas in front of goal. Gayle looked a spent force up front and I am pleased that we never signed him up. He looks as if he has run out of shelf life and would probably demand a high weekly wedge to play. He was at Newcastle and you can bet that he would be on a fat wedge before he left them.
All in all a good start to the season and one that you would hope and wish for. My non football daughter put it into perspective and urged me to take a screen shot of the league table as she said it might not happen again this season! Cheek!


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A brilliant and professiona team performance and couldn’t want more from an opening game.
MoM could go to Cresswell,Mitchell or Honeyman for me.

Honeyman was all over the shop which to me allowed Mitchell to play his normal role instead of the sidewards/backwards passes of last season.

Well done to all those that had minutes on the pitch and to those lovely fuckers that managed to make it to the game..I salute you all.


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Glad to get the first fixture out of the way and come away with all 3 points. The Cresswell loan looks good for him and I think our players could learn from him. The EFL show may have changed channels but we still get shown late. Funny they showed the table 'Just for fun'. Be a laugh if the end of season one looks the same. :grinning:
Highlights ITV4 21:00, is that past your bedtime 🥱? 🤷‍♂️

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Cheers for the report, Silver, and what a positive one it is to start the season with.
The new lads haven't had a lot of time to integrate into the side, but from the highlights i saw, they have bedded in well.
No one can be disappointed by that display. COYL.

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We knew what to expect with the little git but it wasn’t what we got - it was far worse! That’s the worst game I’m seen him ref down here. Be interesting to see the Assessors report. 😉 His performance certainly fuels the concerns of the conspiracy theorists about the FA’s agenda!
The Assessors are probably in on it as well.


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Travelled up from Bristol for the game. Normally take it easy with the train and then cycle from Paddington. Had to drive yesterday which was a pain but the game and result more than made up for it. Smiled all the way back down the M4!

Really impressed with the energy in midfield and upfront. Bradshaw, Honeyman and Shackleton were like pesky gnats and didn't let their players settle. As well as Cresswell took his goals he also defended well which is what he is really here for. As others have said, not a bad way to start the season.