I reckon the Haters' Arms could be opening soon


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Some serious thoughts into the tactics being played as we were out muscled by an average team ...never really looked like scoring and the hapless hoof ball is making a comeback....not good enough
We were bullied out of the game and when has that ever happened. It was a bit like the Rotherham non-performance. It looked like a practice game, so has Rowett lost the dressing room? It looks like somethings up - like they didn’t like the way they had to play. I don’t think they’re enjoying it like we not enjoying watching them. The players are not performing and nor is the manager and the team won’t get sacked, so who will?


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The annoying thing about is that on paper we have got players who should be getting us results. Jed, Afobe and Ojoe up front look promising but they are not performing, Saville is not the player he was when he left us a couple of seasons ago and Cooper this season is a shadow of himself.The question is is it the players or the Managers tactics? Would a different Manager produce different results from the same set of players.? We no longer have the excuse of an extensive injury list so the problem is the same old inconsistency from one game to the next.


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What a terrible terrible day. Luton were not that good but we were so bad in comparison. I've just lost all confidence in our manager, when I saw the team I did think we looked decent. They just didn't seem to know what they should be doing with the ball. Bizarre substitutions didn't help.

Where do we go from here? The football is dire, we can't score more than 1 goal and we are so predictable. Something HAS to change.
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14k fans there today, first decent attendance in a while and he serves up that dross
And if we draw or lose against Sheffield United on Tuesday, there won’t be that many there next Saturday, when we face Stoke at home!

Stoke will be another tough test. They're already in the play offs, and will want to consolidate that position on Saturday. They’re a much better side than Luton, and if we play them like we did the Hatters today, it could be a cricket score against us!