Game v forest

milleniwall's have rights

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Always seems to do well against us, they looked good against arsenal and will be a tougher game then the nigels
A lot tougher. The Forest team must have something about them at the moment .
I would imagine the fans will be more vocal and with Grabben on their side they have an insight in to what it is like behind the scenes at The Den .

Will make for an interesting afternoon's football.



milleniwall's have rights

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Of course Bournemouth etc.
He was at the Leeds play off in the crowd with
Gary Alexander . Turn around ask Gary to sign my program for my niece . Lovely bloke straight on it . I say thanks . Next thing up pops Grabben asking me if he could sign it too. With the way that night was going I did not even him recognise him .
Fair enough my niece got a program with two signatures.

Gary Alexander and that play off goal at Wembley !


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I remember it well and lucky not to have my collar felt that day
I think alot of us were lucky we weren't happy . I remember a few of us made our way to the station before the end of the game and were met by ob. They asked how it went and when someone told em their faces dropped realising there were 100s of pissed of wall on their way