Evans. Yes or No


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He hasn’t shown enough to justify selection in midfield, looks slow to cover ground and whilst he tries the occasional forward pass he’s no better than Mitchell in that sense. Mitchell shows that desire to progress the ball forward and also has the energy and bite a Millwall midfielder should have.

When pushed to CB he looks like he should be a classy ball playing defender but again is slow to cover ground and can’t defend very well full stop.

My opinion is he’s not a bad option to bring on if you want to keep a lid on a game in the last 15 mins. His height means he can deal with any aerial bombardment and he’s technically decent enough to keep it ticking, that’s about it for me so far.


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Just read Billy Mitchell is injured and Evans is back in training, great timing just when Billy was getting a run too, back to Evans in midfield creating and doing nothing


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Evans is crap, plain and simple, and needs to have a wash and shave, the Tesco carrier bag Steve Claridge carried his boots in was cleaner.


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Many a time I’ve called him useless cnt then he hits a worldy pass to find a player from 40 yards. He also has the ability to calm the down and find a bit of quality. Annoyingly he also looks sht when he hasn’t got the ball and spends too much time either too deep or too far up the pitch.

I think he has a decent quality, but I don’t think Rowett knows where to play him.

Rowett out! :grinning:


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Dunno wtf has happened to Saville, I would persevere with him even if it’s bringing him in as a sub as we know what he can do but Evans? It’s a no from me Simon

Kryan Bing

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I've often wondered if he is related to 'Gunner Abraham Evans', who was flat out in the mission hospital, at Rourke's Drift, with the raging shits, while a battle was going on outside.

If so, the raging shits thing might be heraditary and explain some of his performances.**