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Started off with a bag full of yellows, perhaps he thought as we have the reputation of being "tough" then perhaps that's what he needed to do to please us or fit in. Ended up working against him for the beginning.
Middle of the season he played his best football for us. It was like somebody had a quiet word with him. He glided across the pitch and got himself stuck in very well without the needless yellows and passing was pretty decent.
Towards the end of the season got himself a bit lost again, didnt really get up to par with that good patch of football he had with us.
There's a good player in there somewhere if he keeps himself consistent, and I'd wish him every luck for the future.


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Good luck Dutch, will free up wages and we need to be signing players in their early 20’s in midfield, with pace, skill and able to defend then bomb forward. Dutch’s blood and thunder style is a dying trade now especially as players that get the slightest of touches go down like they have taken a bullet in the face!!!


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A decent hard tackling midfielder who is fast running out of shelf life. At 32 it is hard to keep up with play and keep up that aggressive style. As you lose your pace then you often have to tackle hard and late and end up with a yellow card. I think he has taken the correct decision to move on to his homeland and play in a league where things don’t pass you by so quickly. He was rarely a goal scorer and couldn’t really thread a pass inside their full back or split a defence. He served his purpose with us and I wish him all the best for his service.