Donations for Steve Skinner

Peckham Lion

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Was asked if the donations can still be done. The thread is a sticky which sometimes gets overlooked. So for those asking the question, yes it's still going, here's the link.



milleniwall's have rights

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Wondering if there's anything else we can do to fundraise. Gig, flag day (is that still Brum away?) stuff like that.
We will get it sorted mate. A balloon race . ! pound a balloon. Whose ever goes further est gets a prize. Pocket money for us . 10000 balloons each season . set them of from the centre circle. 48 hr wait. I think you get the Idea.

isle of dogs wall

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i dont know if anyone is in contact with the family however there is a national orgaisation called headway which deals with people who have suffered a head trauma. They offer support as well as a financial support.
0808 800 2244 ...............maybe one of the family look in on our site so will get this message

does anyone know if the scum bag been nicked for doing this?