Daniel Ballard

Peckham Lion

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We are fucking useless when it comes to prospects,
How much is he on at Burnley? What would you do in the same situation- join us for less wages or go to a club that pays more, has parachute payments to buy big and argubly have a much bigger chance of making the premier?

new cross wall

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what i find disappointing at the moment is we have had a decent set of players
with maybe a few more additions we may have pushed on but now i feel we may well end up in a dog fight we only need to lose 1-2 more and we are in the shit

Kryan Bing

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I don’t think we were seriously considering getting Ballard back permanently. CB is the least of our worries at the moment. We can’t be blowing a huge chunk of our budget on a position we’re not short in.

Don't post common sense like that on 'Wall related Twitter threads, otherwise you will have Skips, Pizzas deliveries and fat old Brass outside your house tonight... :grinning:


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I don't think the fee would be much of an issue, but the wages, length of contract, bonuses and other add ons might be.
We really don't know what he will be earning up there. Could be light years more than we could pay him.
Plus, as I said on the other thread, if we had offered 2 mill, they would have offered 3. A million out of their parachute payments is literally small change.

Irish Millwall

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It's like a lesson in knowing your place, this transfer window. So you nearly got to the playoffs last season, did you? You think you're a decent outfit with the likes of Ballard and Afobe? You think that Lovelace lad might be a prospect for the the future? Well, we'll take all that away from, you're Millwall, you didn't seriously think you'd keep that lot, did you?
I'm disappointed to see Afobe and Ballard go but like I said before, if you have a player on loan, he's not yours and you have to expect that he'll be gone next season. It's clear we just don't have the funds to compete with probably the majority of clubs in the division and as someone else said, if we're going to splash the cash, it should be up front. Let's hope we get someone half decent.