Boro vs Wall All Chit Chat.


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if we survive this it will be a miracle.I've got 20/1 on us winning from behind so I'm hoping for divine intervention :ROFLMAO:


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So at this point of the game we should stick on someone like Smith?
No chance.
Stick a midfielder on & put Ojo up front.

Fuck me sideways


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Surprise Surprise...another draw.

Well one more piont on the board at least.

How many wall made the trip??


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Another point away from home but yet again the opposition was shit & we should have taken them.

No width today at all. Miss Danny desperately with his pace! Smith had fuck all to do with 5 minutes to go.

Same old same old.

Points a point though I suppose.


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GR should have changed formation after 15 minutes as this 5 at the back was not working poor from the manager

Bart MOM made some good saves
Hutch and Ballard done ok made some good tackles
Cooper poor, looked lost
Malone and Leonard never got in to it (through no fault of their own)
Saville poor just one good pass
Mitchell done good but nothing special
Jed ran and ran and ran but got no support
Afobe done all he could with what was given to him
Bennett the same as Jed got no support

Ojo had one good backheal and that was it from him
Smith, I don't think touched the ball


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Good point for us regardless. All the Boro playerswould have been running faster and jumping higher in front of their new manager who said early this week that people would be coming to the game and expecting us to win. Well, well, well. It doesn’t work like that. Twelve months ago you wiped the floor with us but not this time. COYL.