Benik off to Belgium

Peckham Lion

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If it's true, I'm surprised by this move. I know that Afobe splits opinion, but even his staunchest supporters can't believe that he is remotely good enough for the Champions League?
Depends on the level of champions league teams that qualify and whether they get beyond the first few games. Half the teams that qualify aren't good enough for it.

High Life Street 2.0

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we haven't got any creativity now in teh side. afobe wanted the ball at his feet in the box. he was our forward who could drag the ball around, beat people, try something different.

we have blood and thunder players left. fine itself, but not good enough for this league. worrying.


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According to some Flemish press reports, Afobe will go to Brugge on a free. Stoke just want him off the wage bill.

Brugge have lost two forwards and two more want to leave. Afobe is a (relatively) cheap gamble on their part. Can't blame him either: maybe a chance of CL football and there are worse places to live than Bruges.

Irish Millwall

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A bit disappointed because I think that he improved with us and was continuing to improve. But you can never count on a loanee to stay. Won't be easy to replace but is replaceable.