BBC report on flares(not the trousers)


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I'd like to know how anyone gets flares in the ground? Do we not search away fans at the Den? Some places we go only seem to just stop short of an in depth rectal examination.
Having done security work at several grounds in the past, its very difficult. Esp if a woman is carrying them. It would take too long to do full pat downs on everyone. Then you have people palming off stuff as one goes through and the another passes something. Lastly passing through gaps in exit door hinges or under the doors to someone already in the ground. Some grounds like the spotters you can throw stuff over the perimeter fence.

Ulster Lion

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I was given a pair of black skinny jeans for Christmas.

I didn't realise they made they in a 44 inch waist.

For a bloke who's 72 in a couple of weeks, I'm still getting looks from women half my age!

Could you clarify exactly what sort of looks you're getting?
That of an undertaker having a conversation with someone, but subtlety sizing them up for a coffin?
Or a farmer sizing up a purchase at a livestock market?

Ulster Lion

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One Nigel has been nicked for use of pyrotechnics :lol: More arrests made after OB reviewd cctv.
Just read on the BBC sport site that 4 of our lads have allegedly been scooped.
2 for assaulting stewards, 1 for homophobic chants, and 1 for a pitch incursion??.

Ulster Lion

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I can only apologise for the pitch invasion- I had the right hump over my drums being dismantled.

You don't half move for an old boy in skinny jeans.....I thought it was because someone said it was your round.
And what can I say about your denims? Only that everyone can clearly see the outline of your package. The bloke beside me thought you had shoved a hunting trophy of a rhino's head down your pants.

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Even though I’m generally not bothered what rival fans, the media or the FA think of us I do wonder why the fuck footballers continually feel the need to goad rival fans after they’ve scored a goal.

Take the second goal on Saturday, instead of celebrating with their own fans directly in front of them the palace players decided to give it the big un to our lot doing the ‘shushing’ thing and that bollocks and then act surprised when missiles rain down on them. Pity no one managed to ping one of them square in the boat.

milleniwall's have rights

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Indeed. The OB overkill at the game on Saturday was ridiculous. Bare in mind the fixture has little or no history of crowd violence at our place. The amount of OB in riot gear around us in block one was OTT and laughable.
Overtime . All money to them and maybe they can have a dig at someone to break up the afternoon.
What has four legs and a cxxt half way up its back ?
A police horse.