After ten games.


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KJ always said that you can judge your progress better after ten games. Well, that’s where we are at the moment so it is worthwhile looking at how far we have progressed.
13 points after ten games gives us an average of 1.3 points per game. Multiply that by 46 games in a season and we would end up with almost 60 points in the season. Looking at last season’s final table we would end up in 16th. Last season we ended up with 69 points in eighth. These are early days and you would imagine that as the season progresses that the team would become more settled, GR will have a clearer idea of his best eleven and give us some clearer ideas about formations, our strengths and weaknesses. With my glass half full I think we have made a reasonable start but there is still work to do. It has really got to evolve and progress under GR as even TT on the Millwall Drive Home says that unless it does then he will not be our manager at the end of the season.
Contrast that with others in our league who have high aspirations for this season. WBA and Middlesborough were hot favourites for a top six finish at the end of the season. I have never been a fan of Steve Bruce who can talk a good story but they have spent a shed load, have our talisman in Jed on £40k a week, and are still playing poorly. They only have ten points and unless things improve for them I can only see one outcome and that is the tin tack for Bruce. He will just walk away with another big pay off and wait until another big club with sign him up to be their manager.
Middlesborough find themselves in the bottom three with only ten points. Wilder is thought to be the business but he is certainly not showing it yet. A couple more defeats and he could get the elbow and they could be looking at Big Mick or even Scott Parker to get them out of the brown stuff. We are not firing on all cylinders yet but give it time and we might well be upping our game and moving up the table. Some of the people of Fat Dan’s channel are full of doom and gloom and I do wonder whether they were watching the same game as me yesterday. I can only assume that they consumed far too much of that fizzy alcohol watching the game and by the time Dan gets to them they have had a couple more and their interview is full of brown stuff. Let’s wait and see what happens!

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Wise words Silver. Hope this don't come back to bite me, but I think we have a squad, once it all comes together, that will do well this season.
Maybe not achieve their aspirations of dipping their toes into the premiership, but I think we'll end the season certainly in the top half of the table.


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Went haven’t played well and clicked all season. Yet we are picking up points and the team has shown character to come from behind. Everyone can agree performances haven’t been good enough but only the Reading and QPR games can you point to and say we should have taken something from the game before hand.

To many people brought into the hype of premier league football next season. While it is the dream for me. I’ll be honest until we are ever promoted I don’t really believe it’s achievable for us.


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Silver, as ever, you are the voice of reason.

We have more points and 3 more wins than at the same point last season. We usually improve as the season goes on. We also arguably have more talented players in the squad. So therefore, Rowett out.


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It looks like it's a pretty ropey division (again). We haven't been great but neither have our opponents. Only Burnley have really impressed me. Norwich and Sheff Utd were decent but far from outstanding. Swansea and Coventry were fair to middling. Imo the other 4 ranged from poor to outright crap.