2022-23 League Ladders Review


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Summary of Season

Games 1-3:
Great start with 8 picking-up 5 points from the Stoke game but it all came tumbling down in Game 2 when nobody predicted Cambridge beating the Lions and FLLion was the 1st to waste a Joker :slap:. Also, very painful for OnlyAGame who departed from his system of always predicting a home win so picked-up zilch. Back to reality Game 3 with the Lions inevitable defeat at Bramall Lane. DurhamLion sits top with 11 points.
Games 4-6: Supreme Lion has an impressive 20 points, closely followed by The German Herman, kinelloz and DurhamLion with the perennial OnlyAGame and PurleyLion closing in.
Game 7: The Reading home game trips everyone up, especially the 4 who played their Home Joker. Soul Man was the exception, correctly predicting a 1-0 defeat:clap:
Game 8: Three astute predictors successfully play their Away Joker at Burnley with PurleyLion emerging top of the pile and, although not known at the time, where he would remain for the rest of the season.
Game 9: PurleyLion extends his lead, Soul Man (having been in a promising position wastes his Home Joker:cry:). “System Man” moves menacingly into 3rd place.
Games 10-12: QPR home game hurts all but one predictor. PurleyLion lead reduced to a single point.
Game 13: Rotherham, 5 wasted Away Jokers but 2 successful worth 10 points in total. PurleyLion extends lead to 5 points and OnlyAGame fails to submit a prediction that may have proved expensive at the end of the season!
Game 15: PurleyLion extends lead to 10 points.
Games 16-39: Notable for:
  • 6 Away Jokers going down the pan at Huddersfield;
  • 3 Home Jokers wasted v Hull; 2 v Wigan.
  • 5 successful Home Jokers v Rotherham.
Games 41-48: It was a 2 horse battle between PurleyLion (who had the points in the bag) and OnlyAGame who, true to form, held his jokers back, unsuccessfully this time as WBA fail to beat little old Millwall and lucky Birmingham turn the Lions over at The Den leaving the former winner by 10 points.

Colourful Predictions Award
, in the absence of any competition, retained his crown again but I’m concerned:hmmm: He seems to be a pessimist with 30 Millwall defeat predictions, 15 draws and, just 2 Millwall victories (including when playing his Home Joker v Huddersfield):slap:

Consistency Awards
for stretching his consecutive Millwall 5-0 victory predictions to over 150! Will he ever get 5 points?
OnlyAGame for predicting 43 Home victories i.e. 32 x 1-0, 10 x 2-0 and 1 x 2-1. Ironically on the one occasion he predicted an away victory it was a Home victory:ROFLMAO:

The “10 Added Joker Points” Award
Nobody succeeded gaining a maximum of 10 bonus points this season when playing their jokers, best were HastingsLion and PurleyLion with 9.

Missed But Not Forgotten
Unfortunately Mamalion, Smirnoff, Liz Wall, Lucy_Mill and Lee_Mill didn’t enter this season but hopefully things improve in the near future and they’ll join us again next season.

Winner’s Donation
The £90 paid at the beginning of the season (i.e. 18x£5) was donated by PurleyLion, plus a little more, to the Steve Skinner GoFundMe page.

Last but not least

For those of you who love statistics, in total 1864 predictions were made (up slightly on last season’s 1805) 1164 (62%) forecasting a Lions victory, 388 (21%) draw and 312 (17%) Lions defeat confirming most predictions were made using the heart rather than the head and proving, once again, that on the whole our fans are extremely loyal and optimistic.

That's all for the time-being.

Enjoy the summer-break and hopefully we will all return fit and healthy in August.
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Likewise mate. I had an awful start but rose like a Phoenix from the flames to finish just outside the europa league places. Pehaps Purley forgot us and one of us has actually won it*
Peckham: 19th and 23 points behind the winner. You’ve got your mention but to compare yourself to a Phoenix? :shake: