2021-22 League Ladders Game Final Table


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Version 2

Predictions for this game 5 home wins, 5 draws and 19 away wins.

Congratulations to "System Man" (OnlyAGame) for taking the title and £££££ :clap: :cup:and commiserations to ParisWall who, if he hadn't forgotten to post predictions for the QPR (Home) and Blackburn (Away) games :slap:would surely have won the title :cry:

As always, please check carefully:

1. Your prediction has been entered.

2. Your prediction has been entered correctly.

3. You agree with your points total.

If any of the above is wrong, identify the problem on this “Table” Thread and I’ll investigate.

If you have trouble reading, click on the relevant attachment at the bottom of this message to display a version that is easier to read.

NP = No prediction this game.
"*" = Joker Used.

2021-22 League Ladders Table (49) 01-28.png2021-22 League Ladders Table (49) 29-58.png
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Congratulation to onlyagame - well done mate!

As far as the rearranged QPR and Blackburn games go, I was off-grid in the Sierra Maestra and oblivious to the matches.

Onlyagame - I hope you're not one of those do-gooders who donates his winnings to charity rather than pissing the whole lot up the wall like the rest of us?

Thanks to Pureley; apart from a few Stewards' Enquires and many revised Tables, you did a brilliant job under very trying circumstances!

See you lads next season.



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Thanks Purley. I was pleasantly surprised with my performance overall. If I hadn't forgotten to send 3 results might have made the playoff places...bit like 'Wall! Art imitating life as it were!


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I was in with a shout until the site got taken down for a month or so, after that my prediction skills were all over the place letting Only a Game and dozens of other managers in to pass me by, so through gritted teeth i congratulate OAG on his title success and hope next season has no interruptions so that I can cement my place at the top of the leaderboard(Where I belong)
Thank you Purley for the time and effort you put into running this game.


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Sorry this is a bit late but it took a while to get the money paid into Steve Skinner’s gofund.me account. Mama & Purley’s computers were both down which only happens to me after watching to much porn :rolleyes: Anyway, a big thank you to Purley (it must be hard work) & a big thank you to everyone who played (& paid) and also to those that have been kind enough to say well done. It could have been different if some hadn’t missed a couple of weeks especially Lion bar who missed three matches and his (or her) away joker.
See you all again next season where I have every intention of retaining my crown :innocent: