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    I agree, even then Dmac was one of the most consistent in recent weeks. It was just so clear to see we were crying out for a back 4! Cooper played almost 2 seasons without missing game, he doesn’t turn into a bad defender over night. Wallace was being played wing back. It’s like they wasn’t...
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    What a day! A majority of us have been saying it for weeks on end but having a back 4 makes such a big difference, night & day. I think Edwards would still be around had he not been so ridged. Many people won’t mention Cooper (which is a good thing) today compared to the last few weeks...
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Millwall turned him down for a reason.
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    The saints V The sinners- match thread.

    Funny because I read that part and was thinking it seems like they know the formation wasn’t working within the team!
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    The massive issue I have is. If he cannot see that this current squad cannot play 5 at the back when it’s clear as day. What use isit letting him rebuild? Surely a good manager means you utilize what you have & then build?
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    JE debates 5 or 3 formation

    “I believe as well after speaking to a lot of players, there’s a lot of defensive players in this squad and it’s probably a bit bottom-heavy. And to get the best out of some of those individuals and to get the individuals you want on the pitch, a back five with wing-backs is an effective system...
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    JE debates 5 or 3 formation

    This is ultimately is going to cost him his job & the club its status in the league. Rowett went through the same patch & when he changed to a 4 we went on a big run.
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    Post match thoughts...

    I don’t think he is utilizing the players he has to the best of their abilities. In my opinion.
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    Post match thoughts...

    I have been a massive backer of Edwards up till now, I liked what I could see changing but yesterday I feel like he made a huge error by continuing to play 5 at-the-back at home to Wednesday who were just as piss poor as us. The two goals were their only two openings in the game I could really...
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    Team v Owls

    While he wasn't the only one, but as its mentioned in the line-up, can't for the life of me think why anyone would want Saville in a midfield 3 if we want to win the game. He was absolutely woeful that first half on Saturday, game was gone by second half. No way he gets a new contract next...
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    It’s clear to see 5 at the back isn’t going to work with these players. Giving the ball to players that do not want it at their feet is causing more & more mistakes. If he sticks with 5 at the back on Saturday with 1 up top I fancy he’ll be getting even more pelters than is expected. As for...
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    Pre match thoughts…

    I mean, that had zero impact on the previous result in fairness 🤣
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    Pre match thoughts…

    Difficult one this evening, also following on from Sunday it must become even more confusing for Edwards as he probably feels we did a lot right but major errors cost us again. For me, I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts with the same team he did on Sunday. The only difference now is, I feel...
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    Team v Sky Blues

    Honeyman has to start with Casper surely?
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    Watmore’s assertions

    He has been absolutely for us. Another wage I can wage for the club to see the back off.
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    How many points will we finish on?

    😂😂 Calm down mate. I couldn’t give a bollocks about Jones or Charlton 🤣
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    How many points will we finish on?

    I’m saying 49 I believe we’ll get around 16 points… Let’s hope it’s enough 🤣
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    Fine margins…

    Jones that went for 4 championship jobs and get none of them? Yeah right’o 🤣
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    Fine margins…

    Two goals were headers. One a blind header by Bryan, no manager would advise being tricky there. Harding one on Saturday was just stupid, Edwards alluded to it in his post match. I agree two up top would be better suited with Bradshaw doing the running.