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  1. King of The Jungle

    Ipswich V Wall Match thread. Weds 8pm KO.

    Trouble is even if we play like we did against Wednesday we will still have a big task ahead as Ipswich are a very different proposition. I see a rinsing ahead... At least the weather looks nice...
  2. King of The Jungle

    Ipswich Tickets

  3. King of The Jungle

    Ipswich Tickets

    Oh I hope so. That was hilarious when he finally lost the plot and lashed out at the stewards. I think we tormented him a little bit.
  4. King of The Jungle

    Huski up the chocolate River

    I'm no expert on sweeteners but I believe the general consensus is yes, HFCS is extremely damaging to the body. Most things that will have sugar added here will instead have HFCS added in the USA; for instance, you will find HFCS in a can of Coca-Cola in the USA, but not here. It gives it a...
  5. King of The Jungle

    Huski up the chocolate River

    You are partly correct, but actually it's not sugar mate; sweetened? Yes. But it ain't sugar. It's High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the septics put it in everything. Even their bacon has HFCS in it! The US corn industry is massive and large amounts of federal money go into it, which is part of the...
  6. King of The Jungle

    Foreign day trippers 🤔

    A mate sits in the CBL lower and occasionally I'll go down there with him. It used to be half empty unless it was a big match but on the few occasions I've been down there in the last couple of years it's been packed out with foreigners, probably equal in number to the British. Some of them...
  7. King of The Jungle

    Our own lifetime legends

    I would never have thought of Moro as having played that many times for us... I suppose it's the 2 separate spells that create illusion.
  8. King of The Jungle

    Terry Venables RIP

    I think that the last time I used to really enjoy internationals was when Venables was in charge. RIP.
  9. King of The Jungle

    Barnsley thrown out of FA Cup

    Still makes me chuckle when I think of that day walking on the raised Wembley Way bit and them getting all brave when the walkways split, giving it large and chucking beer cans at us over the gap... They didn't realise that the separation ended a few hundred feet further on.
  10. King of The Jungle

    Over £24k raised for the RBL

    Yeah it's usually around the 25k mark. We are superb at this. I wasn't needed this year but when I have helped out with the buckets I am always amazed by the number of people throwing tenners and scores in there. I never get to kick off without having to go and fetch another bucket, because the...
  11. King of The Jungle

    Morro to Doncaster? N/W (sort of)

    I thought it was pretty clear, 'the club' in the second paragraph being the operative words. It is certainly better written than that letter from the Tory MP that someone posted up on here the other day, although she wasn't writing about Grimsby Town...
  12. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    How's Garton getting on these days now he's retired?
  13. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    Here you are, it's on YouTube
  14. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    I've only really watched films the last few years, and even then only occasionally. Fredrikson, Lammin and Pearce are musicians though, of the punkrock variety, but musicians all the same.
  15. King of The Jungle

    Sunderland 2 December

    Funny, cos I've always thought of it as the other way around, in that Sunderland are the proper club up that way. I had a workmate that was Mackem, he was a top bloke. In my experience supporters of clubs such as Sunderland or Middlesbrough actually have a bit of respect for us, and certainly...
  16. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    You must be the only person in the world who has a narrower knowledge of actors than I do!
  17. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    I wonder if he was the pianist that was playing in a video that someone sent me a few years back; it was tea at the Ritz and a bloke was playing some soft piano music, when he suddenly started playing Let Em Come instead!
  18. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    A coach I know (who's Chelsea) has known Haye for years and told me that he wasn't really a Millwall supporter.
  19. King of The Jungle

    Famous Millwall supporters

    There are quite a few I think; those who immediately spring to mind are: Gary Oldman (and his sister who I think played someone in EastEnders and lives or quite recently lived around Brocklehurst Street). Frank Harper. Danny Baker. Lars Fredrikson. Gary Lammin. Roi Pearce. I suppose the...