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    Foreign day trippers 🤔

    let em come and buy the goodie bags as extra cash for the club. As long as they behave themselves. Years ago at the oldden if someone spoke with a differant acent they was under the spotlight as suspect. Time moves on lol
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    Lucas niell

    looks like jamie vardy is getting drained by the old dog of his,lets hope the taxman comes knocking .
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    Terry Venables RIP

    R.i.p. Terry
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    Used to love watching England years ago,the place was like a fortress,all down wembley way and no hiding place .SURROUNDED BY INDUSTRIAL PLACES, THE ROAR . Used to be up lifting and exciting football and now...............dull,some hgyped up players who are not fit to waer the top and manage...
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    Pam R.I.P

    Pam r.i.p. recall her well
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    Football records

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    Adult Watford away ticket needed

    still for sale, any takers? can meet sat morning as away at the moment
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    Adult Watford away ticket needed

    pm me got 2 spare or anyone else on here need any?
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    Taking the Shed

    theres a name from the past dag tony, i belive he haspasted a right character. i heard that he never went again when the old den closed
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    Warnock in discussions according to sky

    defo get him just to organise and put the passion back into the club with maybe a younger sidekick to learn with the neil
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    We've been warned again

    I have just read the findings on the charges brought by wigan club secretary regarding the chants aimed at james mcClean.She made the complaint to the F.A. Maybeshe should have consulted the good people of warrington which is only down the road abouther s club giving employment to a player...
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    We've been warned again

    hes showing disrespect to any irishman and there was many thousands who fought in the world wars.When he blantatly snubs the poppy day with his pathetic protest he is no better than the unwashed who burn the poppies in luton every year.Its because of these brave men that they can live freely...
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    Granny shagger back in town

    a great player but sick,never let him open a o.a.p. home
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    Neil harris

    lol.image,they will have to bulldoze the town first
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    Away fans

    Those were the days paddym, mind those who were brave enough to come to the old den
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    Neil harris

    and we have got Gr with the same sort of ratio
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    Unhappy zulu's

    b ully c...ts , just of subject anyone see the Newcastle v psg clip , of the big psg c...t,smack the newcastle fan in the face( he was half the size of the french c...t} and probley just a football fan. Thats the sort of person i would have loved to meet in my youth...........bully no...