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  1. HappyLion

    Ipswich V Wall Match thread. Weds 8pm KO.

    Sky sports main event. Be nice to watch us win another game 4 nil.
  2. HappyLion

    Art film Millwall on the Screen

    I watched a bit of some random series the other day. 'Primeval'. Loads of it was filmed around and inside the Den. The grass looked good, the program was crap.
  3. HappyLion

    Team v Tractor Boys

    our problem Saturday (well one of them) was not enough pace at the back. If we are going to play the passing game in the opposition half our backs need to have the pace to deal with fast counter attacks. The idea of a sweeper springs to mind.
  4. HappyLion

    Art film Millwall on the Screen

    Be interested to see it.
  5. HappyLion

    Terry Venables RIP

    There was a robbery of a store containing corned beef during WW2 where tins of corned beef went missing. However everyone on that estate seemed to have a lot of the stuff. Hence the name.
  6. HappyLion

    Terry Venables RIP

    Top bloke. RIP. Got to see the gonk letting England down with a penalty my Nan could have hit harder.
  7. HappyLion

    Moving the ball

    Why? Bradshaw runs his nuts off. Its not down to him that no one gets the ball to him. Midfielders need a kick in the arse to play the ball to him and stop behaving like crabs, passing wide all the time. This is so obvious its becoming annoying.
  8. HappyLion

    2023-24 League Ladders Game (19) Ipswich (Away)

    4-0 Wall You read it here first!
  9. HappyLion

    Just Back v Sky Blues

    As I have said a hundred times, we have two forwards who feed off of through balls. However every time we look to play the ball wide. Brads made a load of runs, got between the two center backs and was calling for the ball. Not once did that happen. Nessy came on and actually got one ball played...
  10. HappyLion

    Foreign day trippers 🤔

    back of the CBL at half time. One English voice. Loads of Dutch and Germans about. I dont think its effecting to atmosphere. Thats down to inconsistent form. Even if we go 2 goals up you cant relay on us to see the game out. makes thing a bit edgy. Plus I was absolutely frozen Saturday.
  11. HappyLion

    Moving the ball

    Nessy would face the same problem as Brads. No through balls. Brads runs his balls off and called for the ball when in good positions. For some reason no one thought to play the ball to him. This has been wall sproblem for ages. We are fixated on going down the wings.
  12. HappyLion

    Yesterday Wasn’t All Bad!

    Tippy tappy was better, counter attacks were slower, defendeders pushing up too far & had to wait til the 85th minute for a through ball to be played down the middle to our forward. To be fair Coventry could have had four goals in the first 30 minutes. Worst tactics I have seen since...
  13. HappyLion

    The Euro 'Play Offs'

    Its very simple. The 3rd place teams in groups whos group teams contain the most letters are rated at 1.0. if the letter Z appears more than once in any teams name thats a double score. Groups whos teams come from the right of logitude 20 degrees east have to get a letter signed by a family...
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    The mighty Lions V Coventry- match thread.

    Professional stat wanker :eek!:
  15. HappyLion

    Huski up the chocolate River

    In 2021 their assets were £88k. Strange as the sponsor formula 1. Must be part of a bigger group. Seems there has been a questionable share deal, a court battle and 240 million SEK payout. Which I think is about 190 million quid. Thats a lot of chocky bars.
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    ok ok theres already a thread - Coventry City (Home) Match Thread - Geeze

    And I cant get to the title to cancel it.
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    ok ok theres already a thread - Coventry City (Home) Match Thread - Geeze

    Well it must have dropped off my screen. I shall keep this as my very own one.
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    Team v Sky Blues

    Bart between the sticks. Whatmore & Lenny on the bench. Its prudent to give them that extra bit of recovery time. No change to the starting eleven. They have tasted victory and that helps confidence.
  19. HappyLion

    ok ok theres already a thread - Coventry City (Home) Match Thread - Geeze

    Bit of a bogey team whenever I have watched Wall play them. I feel a change of fortune on the way. COYL.