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    When Football Changed Forever

    The same has happened to cricket which is now a minority sport to such an extent that they’ve had to invent a baseball version called The Hundred.
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    When Football Changed Forever

    You are absolutely right. The product, to use consumer terms, is completely uncompetitive. The gap between rich and poor clubs means that the premier league is predictable in terms of eventual league positions and clubs outside, like us, have absolutely no chance of establishing ourselves in it...
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    Morison sacked.

    I never liked Morrison cos he was one of these niggly fouls dirty player types but he knew what he was doing and was very professional about it. The kind of bloke you’re happy to have in your team but basically he’s a bit of a cunt. Probably would make a good manager in time.
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    Finishing position 2022/23 poll

    I don’t know why Norwich are fancied so much. The team looks jaded. Pukki, Cantwell etc the players are all the same. We’ll be in the play off places now and again but end up 8th.
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    Are Burnley good or are Uddersfield shit.

    Getting Kompany was a shrewd move. It was obvious he was going to use his contacts to bring in talented prospects on the cheap. The Championship is a tough old league though. We’ll see if they can stay the course.
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    Atmosphere at grounds

    Certainly in most Premiership clubs there are no fans just consumers being sold an entertainment product. If the entertainment is better elsewhere they’ll go elsewhere. There’s no passion. Why is this woke crap so successful in the Premiership? Cos the consumers by and large like it.
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    Atmosphere at grounds

    For all the reasons well stated here in most football grounds there is very little difference between the atmosphere in the ground and the atmosphere in your own home. At least at home you’re allowed to say what you like. Sound off or sound on, football is more of a visual spectacle now but...
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    Todays Sermon Gwonk chapter 5

    Couldn’t have put it better myself
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    The main advantage of Kompany coming in is his network of contacts in the Premiership which could help in attracting young up and coming talent to Burnley. Whether he’s got it to be a good manager is an open question.