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    It’s Coming Home - Again!

    Pratts. Most of them couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
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    World Cup Official Thread

    Yeah, in Pic kles great grandson's kennel
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    Halfway. Many thanks for that extensive report. I got it wrong. The Old memory is not what is used to be. They are RFA(Roysl Fleet Auxiliary) ships . That's even better. Highly sophisticated ships and nobody better than H & W to build them.
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    It wasn't H & W"s fault she hit an iceberg. Very unfair. Eonn . Reckon about three years , maybe shorter after the first. Then of course you.have Trials and Tests which probably another year. The R.N are very thorough So say ,2026/2027
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    I read in one of my magazines that H & W have been awarded the.contract for.yhe building of six new Frigates for the R.N At last somebody in government has a working brain cell. In my opinion H&W build the best ships in the world and that claim is from experience.
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Doubt if ,"Bomber" would be.interested . He knows them too well
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    Just read

    Fully agree. The culprit should be flogged and I am serious. Dirty, disgusting low life.
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Maybe Ben .Garner is thinking of lookingaround for pastures new. Doesn't appear to be an Happy Bunny. Shame.
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    Ruski Lions

    Need to ask them Arments or Manze's ?
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    New Cross Rangers, very loose Football connection

    Blimey, that brings back memories. The stadium also hosted Stock Car racing. Nowadays the SpeedwAy is held but in the streets .
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    Sunderland - what formation?

    As our mutual friend would no doubt suggest The Peggy Spencer Formation. Unbeatable.
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    Tim Cahill

    No different to Beckham. In my opinion he's a mercenary. Neither he nor Beckham will change my opinion of that shitehole, whatever they say.
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    Is anyone actually going to The Den to watch England in the World Cup?

    I am fully supporting England in whatever competition they are involved. I love my country ,warts and all. As to Dubai I think it is a cheek for other nations to tell the Qataris how they should live and run their country. We get the "hump" when other nations criticise Great Britain. I've been...
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    Is anyone actually going to The Den to watch England in the World Cup?

    What's wrong with Wireless? It is the correct description and Mine has been around the world with me three times. It is now 50 years old
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    EFL on ITV

    I have thought since it's inception that ITV4 do not like us and in particular the presenter. He is biased. I wonder why?
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    Richard Sadlier

    We never saw the best of him. Had the potential to be a great centre forward.
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    What a weekend

    That game that night at Ashton Gate he showed what he was capable of and people still.bollocked him.
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    Dulwich Hamlet

    You need at least a 2/1 degree to get in to the Hamlet.