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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    I read in one of my magazines that H & W have been awarded the.contract for.yhe building of six new Frigates for the R.N At last somebody in government has a working brain cell. In my opinion H&W build the best ships in the world and that claim is from experience.
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    Most Immediate Attention Peckham Lion.

    Can you go and see Mamalion at home . She needs your assistance. She's alright physically.
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    Poxy Monday

    What a rotten Monday. Olivia NewtonJohn dies. God Rest Her Soul. I fancied her rotten. and the BBC will no longer read the football results on a Saturday night as it is considered old fashioned. Absolutely disgraceful decision. Again shows that we mere mortals do not count.
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    How many of you

    Know what today is.the 78th anniversary of?
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    Can somebody

    Remind me when the 'Wall last scored four at home in a league match? The "old grey matter " is not what it used to be.
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    Quickest penalty awarded?

    The Reverend and I took in Corinthians v. Faversham on Saturday. Faversham kick off the ball was played high into Corinthians box where the Faversham centre forward. challenged with the 'keeper. Or the ball. The 'keeper flattenedhim.Penalty awarded and converted. We reckoned 10" from kick off...