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    Congratulations Surrey CCC

    Arguably the greatest ever opening pair. Greenidge was English qualified but opted to play for WI.
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    New non-executive director

    I was just thinking that they don't look particularly happy🤷
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    New non-executive director

    That photo must have been taken at the QPR game😁
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    Flemming’s “Goal”

    I have no knowledge of the current UK betting regulations but my advice, for what it's worth, is to keep an eye out and see if the 'Dubious Goals Committee' do eventually credit Fleming with the goal. If they do I can't see how they can fail to honour your bet? It will be official in the view...
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    Flemming’s “Goal”

    Did a bit of digging on the web but am still not that much the wiser. The 'EFL Dubious Goals' committee meets sporadically to decide about contested goals. It's not clear - to me at least -who can refer matters to this committee (club? ref? player? fans? - sorry, silly me). In any event, the...
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    Flemming’s “Goal”

    Seems like the club can't make up its mind. The match report on the official website still lists it as an og🤷
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    Flemming’s “Goal”

    Isn't there a panel which meets to decide upon these type of goals?
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    What do you think of Bart being dropped?

    The 'resting' of Bart seemed a bit harsh to me. His distribution has never been the best, but if it was good enough last Wednesday and before, it was good enough last Saturday. That said, Long did nothing wrong vs. Blackpool and his confidence with the ball at his feet is welcome. Hopefully...
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    Match thread Millwall v Blackpool

    Tbf if you ignore the usual digs, the report isn't that far of the mark.
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    After ten games.

    It looks like it's a pretty ropey division (again). We haven't been great but neither have our opponents. Only Burnley have really impressed me. Norwich and Sheff Utd were decent but far from outstanding. Swansea and Coventry were fair to middling. Imo the other 4 ranged from poor to outright crap.
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    This stage last season

    Greedy sod!😁 I'd like a choc ice please (or do I have to wait until the intermission for that?)
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    Morison sacked.

    There's always someone who wants to be pedantic 😉😁
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    My lad - Little Lion

    Youngsters are pretty resilient but, wow, that's pretty impressive. Hope all continues to go to plan. All the best to you all.
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    Just Back v Blackpool on MTV

    I imagine that a certain member from Northern Ireland will be making his travel arrangements for the away match in Blackpool as I write😁
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    Match thread Millwall v Blackpool

    My tuppence worth: It wasn't a great performance yesterday and Blackpool aren't a great side, but we stuck at it and got a result. We played well as a team in patches. There were some good individual performances (Shack, Billy, Zian). I'm far from being Afobe's greatest fan - and one swallow...
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    Match thread Millwall v Blackpool

    Possibly. But Bart's distribution has never been the best so why now?🤷
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    Match thread Millwall v Blackpool

    Be interesting to know GR's rationale for dropping Bart