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  1. onlyagame

    Visiting fans

    Re the “if you can’t go without a beer for two hours” For reasons that don’t really matter I got to the ground ten minutes before half time, bought a beer from the Blue Bus, sat down and listened to the game via the app. Five minutes later (with the game still going on) the stewards opened the...
  2. onlyagame

    Team v Swans

    Whatever the rights and wrongs, there is zero chance he drops Cresswell
  3. onlyagame

    please laugh at norwich

    I don’t laugh at other teams because what goes round comes round. Why would anyone get upset by Norwich ffs? Hatred yes, for palarse & wet spam and a complete indifference to Charlton unless we are playing them
  4. onlyagame

    Mans Game

    A man’s game? Tutchel & Conte didn’t look like real men to me. A couple of classless foreigners, all that was missing were the handbags. And as for the players pulling their each others hair! Premiershit more like
  5. onlyagame

    Visiting fans

    Yes it could be a problem but the club need the revenue. I noticed the old bill walked past the away end at the start of the second half, probably on purpose, just to remind the Coventry fans they were there. You don’t need many police dogs to clear a pitch, if we are paying plod then let them...
  6. onlyagame

    What has become of West Ham?

    No one?
  7. onlyagame


    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned already but did anyone else see Bart give it to the Coventry fans at the end of the match?
  8. onlyagame

    ITV football

    You’d have to record it. Your still in the Windsor at 9.00 O’Clock (& why not?)
  9. onlyagame

    ITV football

    On ITV Four or something
  10. onlyagame

    How hard is this division?

    Maybe a sh!t thread (sorry again) but the Championship is the only division where no team has managed to win all their games and everyone has got at least a point
  11. onlyagame

    Just Back v Sky Blues

    Thanks for the report Silver, a couple of extra observations: At 2-2 we were very lucky not to go behind, they forced two corners in quick succession, had one shot saved by Bart another tipped onto the bar, one blocked and a penalty shout that, although accidental, would have been given with...
  12. onlyagame

    How much longer must we put up with this murderous bull sh!t religion? n/w

    He tries to be a good Muslim but it’s all a bit difficult, especially when it comes to getting his leg over. Not fishing, this thread will be moved soon anyway :shrug:
  13. onlyagame

    How much longer must we put up with this murderous bull sh!t religion? n/w

    Anyone watch “Rami” last night (channel 4 or 5) It’s a sit com about a Muslim lad (in real life he’s a comedian) quite funny & partly educational, worth a look
  14. onlyagame

    The German fella- Andreas Vog- whatever

    Not to forget the Russians :slap:
  15. onlyagame

    Message From Mamalion

    Getting old is no fun Pat. Hope Brian isn’t in too much pain and gets better soon. Wishing you both well x
  16. onlyagame

    Team v Sky Blues

    Afobe looked sharp and scored a hatful at the open training day on Monday. Admittedly there was no goalkeeper but just like me playing air guitar, he looked the part
  17. onlyagame

    The German fella- Andreas Vog- whatever

    Alan McLeary was born in Holland Does he count? :shrug:
  18. onlyagame

    The German fella- Andreas Vog- whatever

    What if Alan McLeary was always on steroids?
  19. onlyagame

    The German fella- Andreas Vog- whatever

    He’ll fit in well then (y)