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    Harry McKirdy deal done

    I notice since my original post that wiki is now showing him as Swindon Town. Over the weekend it also changed to Real Madrid. Clearly this was a wind up that I fell for and most likely mislead you all. Sorry all.
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    Just Back v Stoke

    Thanks Silver appreciated. I thought Ryan Leonard played really well at RB, he’s stronger than Danny Mac for sure and looked really comfortable playing in that role. At a guess DM has most likely been offered the same contract as Billy Mitchell who’s signed his. The club have to be consistent...
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    Millwall TV

    Much much better 👏🏻👏🏻
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    Match Thread Millwall V Stoke

    Jed who ?, a much better performance all round not relying on our one trick pony tactics. Well up for it and played some nice football at times. Gutted for Bradshaw as there was nothing wrong in it that. Not a bad performance by anyone to be fair and difficult to pick a MOM. That said Cresswell...
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    Harry McKirdy deal done

    Forward that can play out wide or central
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    Harry McKirdy deal done

    Well his Wikipedia has changed ! Good signing
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    Harry McKirdy deal done

    Deal supposedly done for the Swindon forward. Due to sign Aug 1st.
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    Millwall TV - again!

    Yes MFCJohn is correct. You pay 140 for live matches and I paid another 50 for content.
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    Fans' Forum at the Den tonight 28 July 2022

    Fucking embarrassing, at least Ben Bloom knows his shit and can string two sentences together. For someone who runs a YouTube channel about Millwall he knows fuck all and never researches anything.
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    Keith Stroud

    Cooper more like, has a few reds in him this season
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    Ellis Simms

    Will comeback to bite us this one.
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    Wallace signs

    Mountain Murray the most consistent player for a number of seasons. 👏🏻
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    Outgoings on loan

    Yes we do decide where they go on loan, we are the loaning club. How would playing another season in League 2 progress any of these players ? Olaofe and Mitchell have both had a whole season in div 2 notching up 27 and 26 respectively. Muller has only been on loan at St Johnston Scottish...
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    Outgoings on loan

    Four players need league one loan football to progress IMO. Olaofe, A. Mitchell, Muller and Burey. None are the finished article and will get little chance of first team football this season. I’ve included Burey because the lad needs minutes and will wilt being just a sub. Pompey are looking for...
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    Ellis Simms

    We need Simms, right age, powerful and scores with both feet.
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    Ellis Simms

    One of two missing pieces of the jigsaw
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    Just Back v Hammarby

    Ellis Simms IMO
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    Just Back v Hammarby

    As others have said, you can’t take too much out of these games. Saturday will be cagey as well and I wouldn’t read too much into who starts Saturday starts against Stoke. GR is clearly trying to get fitness versus minutes across the entire squad. I am hearing there will be a behind close doors...