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  1. Bobwat

    The new website?

    Must be me trying to do it on an iPad mate. Looks like I might have to buy a new laptop just to log into the new crap system 😄
  2. Bobwat

    The new website?

    Have you tried to link the ticket button to your profile yet Peckham.?
  3. Bobwat

    The new website?

    Not working for me as I can’t link the Tickets button with my profile. Just gives me an ACCESS DENIED page with a load of crap on it. Season ticket and priority points not shown or any purchase history. Whose smart idea was this I wonder….some smart young IT graduate that has decided to show how...
  4. Bobwat


    Proved nothing with us so let him go wherever. With an attitude like his we are well shut of him.
  5. Bobwat

    Help needed re Members card

    She was busy doing my ironing BP
  6. Bobwat

    Latest nonsense from Wegner

    I thought it was Gareth Ainsworth
  7. Bobwat

    Ben Thompson

    Good luck to Ben. Great attitude and always gave us 100%.
  8. Bobwat

    For the first time ever I won’t be watching England Germany

    Agreed Phlion54. He was bang average as a player and obviously a yes man arris licker that was appointed as a safe choice. His actions and words will come back to bite him and highlight what a bad appointment he was. I haven’t bothered about England since he has been in post and just can’t be...
  9. Bobwat

    Sorry I've not been on MO

    Sorry to hear that Mama, RIP Susan and God Bless.
  10. Bobwat

    Zak Lovelace

    Fred thought he was too good for us….look at him now the mug !
  11. Bobwat

    Rowett to QPR...?

    Sean Dyche could step in to replace GR..?
  12. Bobwat

    Bournemouth V The mighty Lions- matchthread.

    I have a bit of a feeling that Benik Afobe and Jake will be on the scoresheet. Best of luck to the mighty Lions and hope that all attending enjoy the day. Stay safe all and COYL…..!!
  13. Bobwat

    Just read GR comments on b,mouth game

    I am the same Paris….old school 235 formation numbered 2 to 11 is far easier mate !
  14. Bobwat


    The black power salute was effectively Romeo putting 2 fingers up to the fans. That really highlighted his loyalty to the club and fans didn’t it.? In my opinion Romeo peaked and reached his level the previous season and never looked like improving further.
  15. Bobwat

    Harry (not Cripps) n/w

    RIP old soldier. Never forgotten and a true hero.
  16. Bobwat

    Just Back v Hull

    Thanks for your Just Back silverlion. I am a massive fan of Murray Wallace but thought he had a shocker. I think he must have put his boots on the wrong feet !
  17. Bobwat

    Funeral for Basingstoke Lion

    RIP Basingstoke Lion. Sincere condolences to family and friends.
  18. Bobwat

    Match Thread Millwall V Barnsley KO 3pm

    Like watching Brazil Kryan 👍
  19. Bobwat

    Just Back v Barnsley

    I wondered why he kept going missing from the goalmouth…moonlighting as a midfielder as well no less.!
  20. Bobwat

    Two Tickets for tonight

    Nice gesture mate 👍