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    Retained list

    Back in the day he was half decent but he was tosh at Wembley against Forde and he never really recovered. His next move could be Gillingham or Colchester but he have to take a huge drop on his weekly wage.
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    Zak Lovelace

    I agree 33. I was wracking my brains to remember some who have gone down that path but I couldn’t remember the lad who went to Liverpool or the lad who made his debut on the last day of the season and scored with his first touch. I am sure that somebody out there will know who I mean!
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    Retained list

    No real surprises. Pearce and Mahoney on their way and Jed offered a new contract. In the U23’s Junior Tiensia, Sean O’Brien and Dan Moss are not getting new contracts but we have given contracts to other...
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    Zak Lovelace

    Sadly he falls into the same category as many young footballers. Most of them have got their brains in their boots and they get smart alec agents or, occasionally parents who think they know best. He gets his head full of wild ideas that, once he has made a five minute cameo for a Championship...
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    Looking at Sundays fixtures I think that the task that Leeds have away to Brentford looks a lot more difficult than Burnley at home to the Toon army. My guess is that we shall be playing Leeds home and away next season. Can’t wait!
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    Benik Afobe

    To me it looks increasingly likely that he will sign for us. Clearly Stoke don’t want him and are keen to get him off their payroll. We paid half of his £30k a week for all of last season so there seems to be no reason why we shouldn’t sign him up for £15k a week next season. He seemed to like...
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    Benik Afobe

    If Benik lowers his wage demands and Stoke are happy to let him go on a free, or even cancel his contract by mutual consent then he would be worth signing. We could even give him a small signing on fee if he got really demanding. In fairness we have saved Stoke £15k a week for last season as we...
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    Billy Sharp Headbutted

    What would the reaction have been if it had been us. There wouldn’t have been big enough headlines in the tabloids to discredit us. There would have been talk of not allowing us to progress to the final because of this mindless action. There could even have been talk of us having to play games...
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    All over 1-1. Burnley in the bottom three!
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    I think the simple answer to your worthy question Jim is that nobody knows.
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    Luke Freeman

    Has been released by Sheffield United. Signed for them in summer 2019 and made FOUR starts since then. Played 13 minutes at Fulham for us before getting injured and apparently made little effort to be fit. On £30k a week and we paid half. Caused bad feeling in the dressing room and a prime...
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    So, Jed…

    In this interview Jed makes it appear that nothing is settled yet! He talks of seeing how things go in the nest few weeks. I think what he means is that he is...
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    Kion Etete

    3 goals and 3 assists in 13 games for the L1 outfit. Not a lot of goals or appearances so maybe not about to set the world alight. Although that is 2 goals more than Parrott scored in more appearances for us!
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    Next Seasons Signings

    My inside source came up with a couple of interesting stories this morning. Who knows if they are true! Arsenal want to send Ballard to Huddersfield on loan next season. He is not keen and would like another season with us. I can’t see a real benefit to Arsenal sending an emerging talent to...
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    Rowett to QPR...?

    From another source online where he doesn’t even get a mention! QPR Manager Contenders Betting Odds Liam Manning 4/1 James Rowberry 4/1 Karl Robinson 4/1 John Eustace 8/1 Tim Sherwood 10/1 Chris Hughton 14/1 Sean Dyche 14/1
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    Rowett to QPR...?

    And this would not make it any easier for him to live in the Midlands and work in London. Could be just paper talk.
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    End of Season Squad Review

    Now that the dust has settled on the 21/22 season it is time to look at who we have, how they performed and who we need to sign Keepers Bart has been solid and reliable and is about as good as we are going to get at this level. Lots of clean sheets and good saves and as long as he remains...
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    According to TransferMarket online he has another year to run on his contract. He did feature on the bench up until a few games ago so maybe he is injured?
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    So, Jed…

    I agree 84 but he will have to lower his wage demands. We just could not afford to pay him the £30k he is on at the moment. We split it 50/50 with Stoke at the moment but if he expects us to pay him the whole £30k then he is dreaming. It would upset the dressing room big time and …..frankly…I...
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    GR thinks it is unlikely that he will return to us next season. I think he is right. He was class for us nearly every time he played in a blue shirt. But for a young player like...