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  1. mfcjohn

    Who plays up front

    Long Danny Hutch Cooper M.Wallace Burey Mitchel Thompson Mahoney Afobe Bennett But it will be Bart Danny Hutch Cooper Wallace Malone Mitchel Evans Thompson Afobe Bennett
  2. mfcjohn

    Bod off today

    Crawford was not that bad, I wouldn't put him in the same category as bod or the others mentioned
  3. mfcjohn

    Another ex-Lion has died

  4. mfcjohn

    RIP Jack Fisher

  5. mfcjohn

    Jed off to forest

    I think we had a plan to get the prem or at least challenge to, and GR spent a good bit of money doing so, I think Jed was told this, but after COVID hit GR was told there will not be a lot to spend and that is why he started to use homegrown players.
  6. mfcjohn

    Jed off to forest

    2m could help us buy 1 player, and it would only help with the inflated January prices. That is unless we go for players down at the league, who no one else wants.
  7. mfcjohn

    Zac Lovelace

    I said almost the same thing on another thread Spot on
  8. mfcjohn

    Jed off to forest

    What is stopping Ojo or Mahoney being the new Jed, not by being a really good player for us, but by being the 1 player we look to when we need something to happen, you could say it has already started with Ojo, he played well on Saturday, filled in the "Jed role" the ball was given to him 9/10...
  9. mfcjohn

    Jed off to forest

    Jed is a good player, I really don't see us getting 2m for him though. A new contract should have been sorted for him long ago, maybe a new one still will be, he is 27 now and I would give a 3 year deal, and try sell him after 2 years I understand that we are a selling club, we always have...
  10. mfcjohn


    The way forest played first half, I would be surprised if anyone would want to sign for them.
  11. mfcjohn

    GR post match

    I really don't like the way he conducts himself in his interviews, always seems to put a dig in at a player, it was Afobe and Ben today about missing chances. Then he goes on to say it was deflect for Ben as he has not played in a long long time (and whos fault is that Mr GR) I think he had a...
  12. mfcjohn


    Really? when did he make that clear?
  13. mfcjohn

    Recast thing on the OS

    I do think it is a bit of a piss take on the fans, some have paid a year subscription to ifollow and now can't even watch a post match interview.
  14. mfcjohn

    Match Thread Millwall v Notts Forest KO 3pm

    We will never make the top 6 with GR I think a lot of you have been a bit tough on Thompson today, he played no worse then Evans or Mitchell The way our midfield play is very poor, I sometimes wonder if Billy gets a earful from GR when he brings the ball upfield and doesn't pass wide If we...
  15. mfcjohn

    Match Thread Millwall v Notts Forest KO 3pm

    I think Afobe has been doing well.
  16. mfcjohn

    Match Thread Millwall v Notts Forest KO 3pm

    Good half from us, would love to see the possession stats, as I can't remember them having the ball for more then 30 seconds at a time, we have had a few half chances, and Bradshaw off injured with a bad knee, everyone playing quite well, Mitchell the standout for me so far, just more of the...
  17. mfcjohn

    Match Thread Millwall v Notts Forest KO 3pm

    Looks like the ketchup got away from the forest team in the pre match meal.
  18. mfcjohn

    Match Thread Millwall v Notts Forest KO 3pm

    Hope whoever is receiving treatment pulls through.