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    NH to Ipswich N/W

    I’ve got a funny feeling this could happen.
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    Match Thread Millwall v Birmingham KO 3pm

    League ladders prediction 3-1 Wall, well happy that and the performance. COYL
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    Sorry to say this but Danny Mc was partially at fault for their first goal, he found himself on the left side of the pitch and had to lunge at their player who played it wide. Saville was supposed to be marking Honeyman and he lost his player. That cross definitely hit Hutchinson’s head on its...
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    Match Thread Hull City V Millwall KO 3pm

    Saville offers absolutely nothing. The worst player on the pitch and not only today either. Bradshaw off was shocking.
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    Why I think Silver's completely wrong

    JB’s investment and loans to the club are all US corporate tax deductible. What he puts into Millwall saves him on his companies overall US corporation tax bill and especially given we run at a loss most years.
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    GR's post match interview

    He was spot on to point out that Billy was the only player to show any bravery in the first half and throughout the game. Equally nothing wrong with a manager telling senior pros that a youngster is the only one showing quality and to go public with is comments. He is spot on that we are edgy...
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    Match thread Millwall vDerby KO 3pm

    Saville is the problem in this team not the formation. He offers nothing and goes wandering always leaving us a man short in midfield. Our retention of the ball is terrible and movement in the first half non existent. GR can’t be blamed for that first half performance or the overall result. Far...
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    Match Thread Huddersfield V Millwall

    That was total dogshit. Saville, Malone, and Ojo were a total waste of space. Saville is the problem in this team, doesn’t mark anyone or can’t find a pass. McNamara back please and Leonard into midfield.
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    NH soon Wall Talk

    Part 2 didn’t disappoint, he clearly loves Wall and I for one sincerely hope he goes on to be a great manager. I actually fancy having 10 quid on him being the next Pompey manager.
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    NH soon Wall Talk

    Yes he spoke quietly but a great listen and incite to the club. Part 2 should be good as he will talk about his managerial career and leaving.
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    NH soon Wall Talk

    Listen to part 1. this morning, a great listen.
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    Two right footers in Ballard and Hutchinson, but on form I agree.
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    As pointed out many times and I have been one of them at times I would like us to play 442. To do that would meaning dropping certain players at the back. I don’t disagree that Danny is supposed to be a RB but he’s WB, as is Malone. Defending is secondary to what they do. I have no problem...