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    To understand a military veteran you must know... n/w sort of

    Your Local Regiment is part of your family. I grew up in Midlothian. My cousins husband served in the Royal Scots fought in Aden and Kenya. One of my best friends served in the Royal Scots him and 2 of his comrades died in Northern Ireland. In WW1 the players of Heart of Midlothian all joined...
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    Women’s football

    Have tried to watch it . But there is so much Mens football on TV why watch it? Cant get enthusiastic
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    Championship next season

    Kicked off at Plymouth v Wigan...
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    To quote Basil Fawlty 'All friends now.....'🤕😉 🤕
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    The famous Sea Eagles! I had their indigenous shirt.
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    Yes State of Origin are probably the ultimate games. Queensland for me .Because they play in Maroon same as Hearts.
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    Aye the commentators are no nonsense Aussies with that dry non-PC humour. Canterbury Bankstown v Paramatta biggest rivals I believe must be great derby games. Hull FC's old ground' The Boulevard ' was a Rugby League version of 'The Den' . Fanatical fans dockers and fishermen. Narrow Victorian...
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    I watch the Aussie game on Sky love it. I like Paramatta Eels and Gold Coasr Titans The commentators have a real dry sense of humour
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    Another French team in Super League Toulouse Olympique got promoted last season
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    Saw Broncos play at the Stoop when they were Harlequins RL against Hull KR and at Ealing v Hull KR good travelling support from 'ull.
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    Kevin sinfield = legend

    I grew up in Yorkshire watched Rugby League no prisoners taken real working class sport played by miners(when pits existed) dockers labourers factory workers ect all local lads even today most teams part-time outside Super League. Kevin Sinfield is typical of the people who play the game walk...
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    London Bridge station after a game we lost to Brighton. For some reason we were all upbeat Rockin the train from South Bermondsey. Off the train onto the platform at a packed London Bridge station 'No one likes us....'reverberating around the Station. We were like an army. Fucking Brilliant...
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    Train tickets to barnsley (doncaster)

    Trains from Doncater to Barnsley go via Meadowhall a big out of town shopping centre near Sheffield. You change trains at Meadowhall Station catch a train going to Leeds which stops in Barnsley
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    How long have you been going Wall?

    About 10 years when I moved down to Luton (long story) from Durham. First game at the Den v Carlisle Neil Harris scored
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Its Charlton singing the Blues ...not Wednesday