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    It’s Coming Home - Again!

    Pratts. Most of them couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
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    World Cup Official Thread

    Yeah, in Pic kles great grandson's kennel
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    Halfway. Many thanks for that extensive report. I got it wrong. The Old memory is not what is used to be. They are RFA(Roysl Fleet Auxiliary) ships . That's even better. Highly sophisticated ships and nobody better than H & W to build them.
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    It wasn't H & W"s fault she hit an iceberg. Very unfair. Eonn . Reckon about three years , maybe shorter after the first. Then of course you.have Trials and Tests which probably another year. The R.N are very thorough So say ,2026/2027
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    Fao Ulster Lion. Congratulations.

    I read in one of my magazines that H & W have been awarded the.contract for.yhe building of six new Frigates for the R.N At last somebody in government has a working brain cell. In my opinion H&W build the best ships in the world and that claim is from experience.
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Doubt if ,"Bomber" would be.interested . He knows them too well
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    Just read

    Fully agree. The culprit should be flogged and I am serious. Dirty, disgusting low life.
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    Quotes from the Charlton no life forum

    Maybe Ben .Garner is thinking of lookingaround for pastures new. Doesn't appear to be an Happy Bunny. Shame.
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    Ruski Lions

    Need to ask them Arments or Manze's ?
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    New Cross Rangers, very loose Football connection

    Blimey, that brings back memories. The stadium also hosted Stock Car racing. Nowadays the SpeedwAy is held but in the streets .
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    Sunderland - what formation?

    As our mutual friend would no doubt suggest The Peggy Spencer Formation. Unbeatable.
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    Tim Cahill

    No different to Beckham. In my opinion he's a mercenary. Neither he nor Beckham will change my opinion of that shitehole, whatever they say.
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    Is anyone actually going to The Den to watch England in the World Cup?

    I am fully supporting England in whatever competition they are involved. I love my country ,warts and all. As to Dubai I think it is a cheek for other nations to tell the Qataris how they should live and run their country. We get the "hump" when other nations criticise Great Britain. I've been...