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    Pub tomorrow

    Canada Water to Queens Road Peckham, then the Windsor
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    Next manager

    F@ck sake, melt down or what. Get a f@cking life.
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    cheers Silver
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    Team v Cardiff

    11 players that try, and then win will be good enough for me. Not worried who starts etc
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    More to the point can we close this thread now:wahey:
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    Good point, the beer goggles were certainly on for me🥴
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    Just Back v Royals

    Haven’t seen a replay but I was in block 36 and it definitely came off him
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    Just Back v Royals

    The geezer singing was really enjoying himself
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    Anyone know this fella?

    I‘Ve bought off the site before. Stuffs okay, price kind of tells the quality
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    Fella hurt in Brum

    Sad stuff this, bloke went to football and now his life is f@cked up