Date: 29th July 2016 at 11:53am
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As you are probably aware the Premier League and English Football League (not always entities that co-exit and play friendly with each other as the ‘bigger brother’ is often dictates what happens) have joined forces to trial a number of new initiatives for the 2016/17 season.

Various new rules on what is and isn’t acceptable from players and teams in general are being rolled out this season, we saw some of the new actions carried out at Euro 2016 this didn’t we.

It would be fair to say, putting aside the new rules for one moment, some of these new ‘schemes’ such as the EFL Cup (Football League Trophy) changes with Premier League and Championship clubs invited into a competition for League 1 and 2 teams, have gone down like a lead balloon. This could potentially have a detrimental impact on this for some Football League clubs (more so as far as the fans are concerned) that might mean there’s no way back from this.

I do digress though…. All in all the new changes to the power of the referees, and what they will have this season, has been met with appreciation and agreement.

Plans to reduce ‘intolerable behaviour’ by players and managers towards the match day officials have been announced. We’ll not go through this in full again but for a reminder in full of what is proposed I’ll refer you to the initial release we put out on the Vital Football Network a week or so ago.

New Behaviour Rules For Referees In 2016/17 – Click Here.

As was said at the end of that article ‘the proof will be in the pudding’ as to what works and what doesn’t but below are a very limited few of the initial reactions from some members on the Vital Football Network.

Some aren’t quite so sure what reaction they’ll get though!

Geofspurs – Whatever happens, it needs to be consistent. Addressing the holding/pushing in the box would be nice, too.

Dwonder – This does not bode well for Costa. I daresay that his antics will see him spend more time on the bench this season than the last one and if care is not taken, this would lead to a fall out between him and Conte. Costa antics is the only reason I want him sold this summer if we can get a superb bid for him.

Frank – I agree with clamping down on foul and abusive language, as it transfers itself right through the game down to junior level. One thing I would say is that in any form of authority whether it be as a manager, foreman, supervisor or team leader in the work place or, as an umpire, judge, or referee in a sporting event you have to earn respect. If you display authority, competence, calm and neutral attitude, and make generally the right decisions, by and large players, managers, and fans will respect you. Unfortunately many of the current crop of PL referees struggle to display many of the aforementioned qualities, particularly the ability to make correct and consistent decisions showing an understanding of the game, as well as the rules, and some even tend to lose, or indeed cede control, to players, chaos reigns and all thoughts of respect are forgotten. Yes there are problems with the attitude of many modern players, but equally there is a problem of ineptitude, incompetence, and weak performance on the part of several of the current crop of PL referees, and the same culprits are identified and highlighted time and time again in TV inquests, yet little or nothing is done to attempt to improve or indeed replace them. I have long held the view that there should be promotion and relegation of referees between the PL and the championship, based on assessors reports after every game. The pressure of possible relegation should act as a kick up the arse for some of the worst of the PL refs.

Naijagunner – Isn’t this asking the likes of Rooney, Diego Costa and Terry to seek a new league to play in? These are “all in a day’s job” offences where those are concerned, no? Giroud is another to watch it.

The Fear – It is about time it has to be said.

Also a few email reactions were received, some questioning other areas that might need a little more looking at with greater punishments dished out for the bending, in fact breaking, of the rules….

Roger Turnbull – Shirt pulling in the goal box a yellow card. (Too much of it).

John Kott – What about diving in the penalty box or generally diving.

Don Procter – Divers. A player goes down after a tackle if the ref sends for trainer for treatment the player goes off for 10-minutes treatment to stop the diving.

Hilary – New rules. Surely shirt pulling should be an automatic red card. No appeal.

What do you think?

Are these new rules going to change much to improve the behaviour we see and what about further changes needed and some of the thoughts on the other views shared above?

Let us know your view below.

Alternatively share an email with us, especially if you have a strong opinion on this or anything else football related in fact, and we’ll see if these can reach the wider audience.

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