Date: 3rd May 2016 at 8:41pm
Written by: co-owner Jonathan Fear is pushing himself to the limit in order to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.

Some on Millwall Online may be aware of Jonathan, either from his wibblings on our Aston Villa site or in the media on Villa related issues, some cross interviews over the years on here or even from him poking his head into article comments when something has taken his fancy on this site.

Others won’t have heard of him at all (and some of those that have will have wished they hadn’t! – hides and runs for cover).

In any event, his journey in life from birth back in 1858 to the present day hasn’t been the easiest, as people can read from this piece – Click Here.

The following paragraph sums it up swiftly.

‘Fear, no age given – because it’s rude to say old he is – has overcome major brain surgery and things like brain taps (yes, I don`t know what that is either, I only know the taps that pour beer!), every rib in his body broken several times due to sunken ribs and numerous operations over the years to become the bubbly/stroppy anti Christmas but pro Yoda individual that we all know today.’

Back in 2012 he completed the Holland and Barrett six month weight training challenge after building himself back to peak condition and then lost another rough 15 months with suspected vital meningitis. Once clear of that, he began the journey back again and in 2015 he was listed by Men’s Health in a number of stories detailing those who had overcome personal battles in their life and forged on – such as a former soldier who lost both legs and one arm in Afghanistan, but who wasn’t going to let that get in the way of his own journey.

That led to coverage in the likes of the Birmingham Mail and Daily Mail, and he’s now had another idea for his next challenge.

He, potentially crawling, will be climbing Ben Nevis with a group of friends and with one of the lads having lost his wife 9 years ago to Cystic Fibrosis, and another in the group who won’t be climbing having his first son born with the illness, they have decided to make it a charity climb and raise as much as they possibly can for the charity.

We know you all have your own personal charity choices so we don`t usually post such things, apart from Football Aid, but felt that with it being a co-owner of Vital and part of a great football community here, it would be silly not talk about his challenge and publish his story.

With his decision barely a week old, those in the Vitalfootball community have already broke the £1000 mark, if everyone else who is hearing about this for the first time could donate even only £1/£3 or more if you can, we can make it a fantastic sum going towards a richly deserving charity when some bums reach the top.

(words chosen carefully)

If there are any companies out there who’d like to donate, we’d happily mention in a thank you article and of course, as well as readers here, with social media on top it’d be a fantastic way of getting your name out there.

Now of course, he just has to get to the top, and then back down!

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