Date: 7th June 2016 at 5:46pm
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With the weekend seeing the leaked release of a document purporting to be the 2016/17 fixture list for the Premier League and Football League, the Football League themselves have taken the step of slamming the concoction as a hoax.

No doubt plenty have seen the lists for all 92 clubs in the professional pyramid – or at the very least heard about it – and the Premier League set has certainly received coverage, but in a series of tweets the Football League confirmed that it was a hoax as simply put, with a release date of June 22, they were still ten days away from reviewing the first draft.

The three tweets sent read.

‘We can confirm the ‘fixture list’ published online at the weekend is a hoax.’

‘At this stage we are still about 10 days away from being able to review a first draft of the 2016/17 fixture list.’

‘It’s worth noting a number of the fixtures in the hoax list would ot be permitted on those dates for operational and policing reasons.’

When questioned to 100% confirm the hoax nature given the time it would’ve took to knock up such a piece, they replied.

‘Yes. 100% a hoax. We’re sure that time could have been put to much better use.’

And I agree, but it wasn’t my time and it certainly raised the excitement levels a bit but come this time of year there’s always a leak or two speculated about in the press and I can’t recall one that turned out to be genuine.

But at least it made a change from leaked new strips and the like which also flood the newsfeeds at this time of the summer.

The Premier League are yet to comment, but I’m guessing they are content with the FL’s words.

The Premier League fixtures will also be released on Wednesday June 15 at 9am, and the Championship, League One and League Two set follow a week later at 9am on Wednesday June 22.

So now that’s dealt with – let’s get some love from Russia this weekend for those with an eye on the European Championships.